I am Erica and I am the designer behind Just B. Technically my job description is
Interior Designer, but I prefer to call it something more like Personal Environment Coach.
That seems to best describe what I do.

A few quick things about me…

I arrived in this world with overly tuned in senses. When I was younger,
I wasn’t sure what to do with all that “sensory” information. Now, I find it an invaluable
gift and highly useful in my work.

I’m curious and extremely observant. I ask a lot of questions, take in my surroundings,
and pay careful attention to facial cues when working with clients (facial expressions say a lot!)
so that I can recommend, research, sketch, and do everything in my power,
to gently nudge you out of your comfort zone, if only a little, to delight you with a space you
never even imagined, but is perfectly suited to you.

I am schooled in fine art, graphic design and interior design, but have never considered
myself typical in any of them because my skills and interests cross platforms regularly.
I can browse design magazines, blogs, cool furnishing and accessory sites…basically anything
that has to do with beautiful design, for hours and hours and hours.

I believe in elevated living on any budget, and my motto is “perfectly imperfect” which
translates into unique high – low and very liveable spaces.

I define my style as classic, warm, and earthy, with a touch of ‘trend’ tossed in. And I consider it a privilege
to be invited into someone’s home or office to share those elements in a way that works for them.
I believe living a beautiful life is a way of being comfortable not only on the inside,
but in your surroundings and space as well.

I have a strange obsession with artisan crafted jewelry, chocolate, and ranunculus…and
I’m learning to embrace the personal power of red lipstick.

I share my office with my two furry co-workers, Raymond and Jojo (if you consider
napping ‘work’, which apparently they do!).

And one thing I can say for sure…I navigate the world through creative expression.
While I am forever growing, fine-tuning and refining skills, I also approach every project,
every challenge, through my own intuitive creative lens.  Which makes for one-of-a-kind work!